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Fitness Racing Podcast

Jul 24, 2024

This week on the show we are discussing judging in HYROX. To help us we have Simon Green and Meg Parry. 

We take a deep dive into the movement standards at the wall balls and burpees. We consider why you should give judging a try and what to bring if you do.

We also look at coping with criticism of judges both in person...

Jul 17, 2024

This week on the show we are discussing nutrition in HYROX. To assist us we have Darryl AKA “That Nutrition Guy Darryl”. We consider what changes you can make to your diet to see big improvements and the best sources of information.

We also consider planning your nutrition on race day and how to keep hydrated....

Jul 10, 2024

This week we are joined by James Hall to discuss the best ways to improve your Erg times in Fitness Events. James currently holds the Ski Erg world record at 1000m and 2000m as well as the 1000m Row Erg world record.

James shares with us the common mistakes he sees when people take on the Erg’s and also what steps you...

Jul 3, 2024

This week we are looking at the two newest podcasts in the UK. First we speak to Fay Cunningham and Emma Petrie from the RAD HYROX podcast. We then chat to Neil Marsh from the On the “Rox” Podcast.

We discuss how they got started in podcasting, what they have learned so far and some of their favourite moments. We...