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Fitness Racing Podcast

May 29, 2024

This week on the show we are joined by Danny Rae and Zoe Hague. Their first taste of HYROX was watching the World Championships in Manchester last year. Since that point they have been hooked, notching up an impressive number of races and podiums.

We discuss their journey and the races they have done. We also consider...

May 26, 2024

In this episode we speak to Eddie Dier from HYROX UK. We discuss how the planning of the event and how the event went on the day.


We also consider how the debut of Youngstars went and whether we will see it at other events.


Finally we look to the future by considering the upcoming world championships and the...

May 22, 2024

This week we are joined by Team Ireland members Dena & Tom Hogan, Barry Watkins and Ellevyn Irwin. We find out how the format will work and how Team Ireland was selected.

We also deep dive into the members backgrounds and consider how Team Ireland have been planning their training ahead of the big show. All this and...

May 15, 2024

This week on the show we have Antje and Rob. In 2020, Antje was recommended by her doctor to take up Triathlon. As part of her training Antje met Rob who runs Crossfit Mallorca. This led to her finding HYROX and within 18 months she found herself as one of the Sports Elite racers.

Listen as we chart her journey and also...

May 8, 2024

This week we are joined by Caitlin Robbins, Meg Parry and Simon Davidian from the ROX QUEENS to discuss London.

What did we think of the running track? How was the new equipment? Did Youngstars shine. Also what about judging standards?

All this and more on this weeks episode

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Caitlin -...