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Fitness Racing Podcast

Sep 27, 2023

HYROX is considered the premier Fitness/Hybrid Race in the World. However, new events are coming on the scene. Over four weeks Kirsty took on three of the most popular DEKAFIT, Forder’s Strive and ATHX before rounding her month off with a HYROX.

What did Kirsty think of each event and what tips does she have for...

Sep 20, 2023

Today we speak to Steve and Fran from HYROX Workouts. We dig into the history of one of the fastest growing HYROX related pages on Instagram. We discuss how Steve lays out the workouts, his collaborations with athletes and how each day has a theme. We also explore some tips and tricks to help make you a better HYROX...

Sep 13, 2023

This week we are joined by Luca from Super Human Games and Tom Godec from Team Madness. We preview XRACE which is the new Fitness Race from Super Human Sports coming on 23rd September 2023. We also look back at this past summers Super Human Games.


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Sep 6, 2023

You’ve seen him at HYROX U.K. events but now learn his story. We cover his move from Brazil, his early years in the U.K., his coaching roles with WIT & FiiT and how he initially got involved in HYROX. 


Make sure you listen to then end because Gus gives us some great tips on how to improve your HYROX time.