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Fitness Racing Podcast

May 31, 2023

Part 1 of the athlete interviews from the HYROX World Championships in Manchester.

In this part we speak to James Kelly, Kris Rugloski, Michael Sandbach, Hunter McIntyre and more.

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May 25, 2023

It’s race week so join us for our preview episode. “Ugly” Dave Claxton from OFX and Emma Waring of Team Myzone chat with host Ian Kay about this weekend’s big event. This includes their predictions for the Elite 15 via drafting a team of the athletes they expect to do well.

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May 24, 2023

Finding HYROX. Building an Instagram audience. Qualifying for HYROX worlds twice. Developing Sarah Holden Fitness. Working out as a Mum. 


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May 17, 2023

TV Host Gethin Jones (Morning Live, Strictly Come Dancing) and Coach Sam Dimmick (RM Fitness Manchester) teamed up to take on HYROX. In this episode we learn more about their journey, their race and what’s coming next. 


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May 10, 2023

Finding HYROX, creating the Roxzone podcast, Science Sundays and Paddle Boarding the Thames.


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